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Welcome to Fitness Loft Now!

Here at The Fitness Loft we are dedicated to providing our members with not just a great place to train, but also support and knowledge to help them live a healthier lifestyle.  Fitness Loft Now is a resource for our members and others interested in holistic wellness to gain expertise and share ideas about fitness and living well.  
Here you can find advice from our certified Wellness Professionals on workouts and training, or recipes and healthy eating tips from our Registered Dietitian.  Reviews of the latest fitness products, workout demonstrations, community event previews, and much more will be posted regularly by Fitness Loft staff and guest writers.
This is also a place for fun and engagement.  We will introduce you to the employees who make the Fitness Loft a great place to work out, conduct interviews with group fitness personnel, host contests with great prizes, and even feature workout playlists from our Staff!  Fitness Loft Now is another way in which we embody our philosophy of 'Mind, Body, Community".  The Fitness Loft is much more than just a gym to us.  We are a group of people passionate about fitness and wellness - this blog will allow us to share our passion with all of you.  



November 11, 2017