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How to Master the Pull Up

There is one exercise that everyone strives, and stuggles, to accomplish.... The pull up.... We have all envied people in the gym doing pull ups with seemingly minimal effort. "I wish I could do that..." we mutter to ourselves. Today, this changes. We are here to help you become a pull up master!

Pull ups are a great exercise for developing upper body and back strength. This is because pull ups are a compound exercise which requires you to use multiple muscle groups and joints. Compound exercises are so beneficial because they increase muscle mass, increase strength and make it easier to loose fat, because your body is demanding more energy. In the video are some variations of pull up exercises that will help you develop the strength to do them on your own, without assistance. Keep in mind that muscle connection is extremely important! Concentrate and focus on the muscle group you are targeting to maximize your workout.

First, we have TRX rows. Start by adjusting the straps to fit your requirements. As you are lowering yourself down toward the floor, keep your feet planted. Be sure to keep your legs, hips & back all aligned and your core tight. The more horizontal you are, the harder they are to do. Try starting low to the floor and as you start to fail, walk your way up and do a few more. YOU CAN DO IT!

Second, the Assisted Pull-up Machine. The weight on this machine is used to help you pull yourself up. This machine is opposite to other weighted machines, the more weight you select, the easier the pull up will be. Start off with a higher weight doing as many reps as you can, then as you get stronger gradually adjust to a lower weight and try to perform the same amount of reps.

Lastly, banded pull-ups. Loop a resistance band around a pull up bar and carefully place one foot inside the band (be careful when you take the band off as well - you don't want to become a human slingshot!). The smaller the width of the band, the smaller the resistance, and the harder the pull ups will be. Similar to the assisted pull-up machine, start with more assistance (a thicker band) and gradually move to less assistance as the pull-ups become easier.

By adding these three exercises to your routine, you will build strength in your back and upper body. With that additional strength, you will be doing unassisted pull ups in no time!