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The F-word: Easy, it’s just Failure!

We are all afraid of it. Some of us will say that we aren't, but when we look at ourselves in the mirror and are honest, we are. Afraid of failing at work, relationships, school, sometimes just life. Some of us are afraid to take chances, try something new or step out of our comfort zones because we are afraid of failing. Overcoming the fear of failing is hard for everyone.

It's well documented when a public figure fails, sometimes it's in a glorious fashion and we enjoy it more than we should. The difference in the people that succeed, is they don't let failure define them. They learn from it and use that failure to push them to succeed next time.

Obligatory quote from a super successful person about failure.

Failure is a huge part of Health. The fear of failing to lose weight, get stronger, lose fat, lose inches or to achieve your goal. Failure will always happen in the Health world, this is how we learn what works and what doesn't. The problem however, isn't that we fail, it's that we fail reaching unrealistic goals and standards we put on ourselves. You aren't going to lose 30lbs in a month (safely), you aren't going to get "Spring Break" ready in 2-weeks if you’re not already pretty close (no matter what you read, see or hear on TV). Many of us see this as failure and quit trying to be healthy for years, sometimes even the rest of our lives. 

Some of us can never reach certain body types and our bodies will never be able to do certain things. Whether it be from genetics or from the lack of desire to put in the effort to get there. I'm never going to run a marathon, never, not ever. Not because I can't train my body to do it, because I have zero desire to do so. I'm also never going to be able to do what LeBron James does athletically (thanks to mom and dad) so I shouldn't compare myself to him.

If you "fail" at your fitness goal ask yourself, is it what I really want? Are my goals S.M.A.R.T (see picture)? Ask for help, find out why you didn’t succeed, and find out what is realistic. The worst thing you can do is quit because you can't bench press 400 pounds or look like someone else. It’s only failure when you stop trying. Find out what drives you to overcome that fear of failing in other parts of your life and apply that to your Health.


Figure out why you failed and come back stronger. You will see results, they just aren’t always on the scale. You'll decrease your risk for chronic disease, heart attack, stroke, and even reduce or get rid of prescription medication. Aren't those the things that matter the most? That is what health really is, the stuff on the inside, the ability to have a high quality of life for as long as we can. More than likely if you are healthy from the inside, you’ll be happy with what the outside looks like.

I leave you with a quote from one of the greatest minds that the world has ever known, Maynard James Keenan from Tool. "We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been” (Lateralus, check it out). So, take some chances, ride the spiral and you'll find out that failure is a very important part of life and it’s one of the best ways to reach heights you’ve never been.

(Side note, if you’re unaware of Maynard and Tool, you and I need to have a conversation)