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Choosing a Columbus Gym: What Is Right For You?

Whether you like to work out or not, choosing a gym can be tiresome. A quick search on Yelp reveals about 286 options in Columbus, Ohio alone. Choosing the right gym for you is all about knowing what your goals are, how much you plan to exercise, and what you're willing to spend.

Why Join a Gym in Columbus Ohio?

Do you like to work out? Are you a fitness freak? Are you looking to balance out a sedentary lifestyle with a little exercise? The gym rat will want lots of free weights, cardio machines and the latest and greatest equipment, while someone looking for a little cardio needs only a few basic machines. Here are some of the major perks of joining a gym:

●      Weight Loss- For those looking to lose weight, studies suggest that consistency may be your biggest challenge in losing the pounds and keeping them off. Consider looking for a gym with a personal trainer or a regular schedule of classes. Working with a personal trainer – even one day a week – makes you more accountable to your routine.

●      Muscle Building– Want to up your muscle gains? Then lifting weights is a must. Pay close attention to the quality and quantity of the weights. Visit during peak hours as well as when you'll likely visit. Gyms that are too busy may slow your workout or stop it altogether. And, get a sense of the vibe; some gyms are for grunting and some are not.

●      Health and Wellness– Maybe your goals are simple and all you want is to improve your lifestyle by making healthier choices. Exercise will improve your health and help you live longer. For you, consider a gym with a holistic approach – one with personal trainers, a nutrition coach and a staff capable of building a wellness plan around your individual needs.

A Checklist for Any Gym

Whatever your affinity for exercise, any gym should check the following boxes. Visit during the hours you will most often work out and during peak hours to get a well-rounded sense of how the gym operates.

●      Equipment – Is the equipment new and properly maintained? If the facility has limited equipment or several broken machines, odds are they aren't too concerned about guest experience and safety.

●      Cleanliness – This is a big one. Be sure to keep an eye out for how clean the facility is. If the gym doesn't clean regularly, you don't want to be there -- trust us.

●      Amenities – Are you the type that wants a sauna and a hot shower? If so, then make sure the amenities are up to your standards. Discount gyms don't have any extras. That's okay, but if you want those things and they will add to your experience, make sure you get it.

●      Hours of Operation– Most gyms open early, but if you like to work out late a 24 hour gym might be worth your consideration. Late night workouts can be quieter workouts, and many people don't like to wake before sunrise.

●      Location– Spending money on a gym membership is an investment. Make sure you'll actually put that money to use by making the gym as convenient to get to as possible.

The Fitness Loft Columbus Ohio

The Fitness Loft in Columbus, Ohio is the number one rated gym on Yelp. Here, you'll find a fitness experience that caters to every kind of individual. We have knowledgeable personal trainers, a nutrition coach, advanced tech – and a juice bar to boot, all in a space that feels open and inviting. And, we're open 24 hours a day. Your first session is free and includes a consultation with our fitness professionals.

For more information contact our Columbus gym professionals. 


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