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What Is Corporate Wellness?


Workers today tend to be more transient than they were in decades past.  Employees used to stay with the same outfit for an entire career, but that is becoming increasingly uncommon.  Many employers are looking for ways to attract and retain the best employees and keep them as productive as possible.  Because happy and healthy people tend to be the most productive, many employers look for ways to keep their employees as healthy as possible, both mentally and physically.  Traditionally this may have included a generous compensation package that provides vacation time, sick time, and comprehensive health insurance.

Currently, employers are increasingly providing corporate wellness programs to improve the holistic health of their employees.  The Fitness Loft of Columbus works with many employers to offer corporate health and fitness programs specifically geared to the needs of their workers.


Corporate wellness describes a variety of programs aimed at improving the holistic health of the employees of a business.  Corporate wellness programs are generally aimed at reducing stress, improving overall health, and preventing disease and chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.  Such programs may include screenings, health education, and fitness training opportunities. At the Fitness Loft of Columbus, we can tailor our offerings to the needs of your particular organization.  Specific programs we offer include:

Nutritional education and coaching: Our staff includes a registered dietitian who can teach nutritional seminars or provide individual counseling.

Group fitness classes: We offer over 40 classes each week, at a variety of times.  The key to success is finding a workout you enjoy, and with this variety, there is something for everyone!

Equipment: For those who are not interested in group classes, our facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym.  Users can choose from a variety of choices such as the treadmill or elliptical trainer. All of our equipment works with our wireless software application, The Wellness System, to track each individual’s progress over time.

Personal training: Our staff includes several personal trainers ready to help individuals to set and achieve realistic fitness goals.  The accountability of a personal trainer is a great incentive to stick with a fitness regimen. Our trainers assess each person so that the routine and goals are appropriate and achievable.
Personal health coaching: Our Precision Nutrition Certified Health Coach is available to work one-on-one with clients to go beyond nutritional education.  A health coach can help with emotional eating, fitness goals, and other stepping stones on the path to overall wellness.

How Can Corporate Wellness Benefit Your Business?

A corporate wellness program is one way to help your business attract and retain the best employees.  It is an added perk that makes your organization stand out as one that cares about its workers. In addition, corporate wellness programs to increase overall productivity and reduce total healthcare costs.  Healthy and happy employees tend to take less time off, both because they have better physical health and because they avoid psychological burnout. Corporate wellness programs are truly a win-win for both the employer and the employee.  


If your organization is thinking about integrating corporate wellness into its employee benefits package, consider utilizing the Fitness Loft of Columbus as your corporate wellness provider.  We already partner with more than 25 local business and look forward to making an even greater impact in the Columbus area.  Our mission is to be so much more than a gym. We want to help people to integrate the mind, body, and community to improve holistic health.  Reach out to us today. Working together, we can create a corporate wellness program customized for your business.


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