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Jeff May

Getting Abs: Is It All About Diet?

In the dead of winter, many of us start to dream of sunshine and warm weather--we need a little inspiration to get us through these short, dark days!  And with thoughts of shorts and bathing suits come dreams of flat, washboard abs. After all, no one is fantasizing about sitting on the beach somewhere, covered up by a long, loose T-shirt.  While it may seem like some people are just genetically endowed with fantastic abs, that is just not true. We all have abdominal muscles and have the potential to strengthen and tone them. Even strong muscles can hide behind a layer of fat, so developing a flat stomach requires a combination of diet and exercise.  Read on to learn how to get the abs of your dreams.


How To Get Abs Through Diet and Exercise

Developing a strong core takes exercise. The core requires a healthy diet as well as exercise.  Making healthier choices is a great first step in developing awesome abs. If you have weight to lose, you will need to reduce your overall caloric intake.  Focus on nutritionally dense, lower calorie choices such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cut back on “empty calories” such as soda, sugary coffee drinks, and processed foods.  If you are looking for guidance in making better food choices, the Fitness Loft has an on-staff Registered Dietitian who would be more than happy to work with you.

But diet alone won’t get you the abs you are looking for.  Exercise is a critical step in losing overall fat and strengthening and toning your ab muscles.  A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise will help to burn calories and target your abs.  Cardiovascular workouts are great for boosting your heart rate and burning calories. The Fitness Loft offers a large variety of cardio classes, from Zumba to boxing to spinning, as well as cardio equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines.  Find the cardio that you enjoy and stick with it! Strength training is great for increasing muscle mass, which boosts your overall metabolism for an all-day calorie burn. You might work out in our weight training center--either on your own or with one of our personal trainers--or you might feel more comfortable in a strength training class, such as Les Mills Body Pump.  Either way, strength training will tone your entire body and burn calories for overall weight loss.

So diet and exercise will help you lose weight and body fat, revealing your abdominal muscles--but how to tone those abs?  You will need to strengthen your core with exercises that specifically target your abs. Crunches probably come to mind, but that’s not the only way to tone your core.  The Fitness Loft offers classes that will specifically work your core, such as hardCORE, yoga, and Yoga/Pilates. Some of our other classes will also work your core, such as Boot Camp, which includes plenty of crunches, and Synrgy360, which utilizes monkey bars and TRX suspension trainers.


How Long Does It Take To Get Abs

There is no one answer to the question, “How long does it take to get abs?”  Everyone’s journey is different. The length of time will vary based on how strong your abs are now and how much abdominal fat you carry.  But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can develop strong abs.


If you are wondering how to get abs, look no further than the Fitness Loft Columbus.  With our variety of cardio and strength training classes and nutritional coaching, the abs of your dreams are within reach.

Jeff May

The History of Fitness Boot Camp

If you frequent a gym, or even if you spend time with people who do, you have probably heard about the popular workout known as fitness boot camp.  These workouts have been around for some time but have risen in popularity in recent years. Fitness boot camp is based on the premises of military boot camp, with a strong emphasis on calisthenics, body weight exercises, strength training, and interval training.  Sometimes boot camp workouts are a specific fitness class offered regularly at a gym. Other times they are offered as separate six-to-eight week sessions offered at a gym or in affiliation with a gym but located outside. These short-term sessions are often offered for the summer as a way to get ready for the beach, but you don’t need beach season as a reason to try out fitness boot camp.  Year-round, fitness boot camp is a great way to burn calories and sculpt your muscles. If you haven’t tried a fit body boot camp workout, give it a shot! You may find a new favorite workout routine.


The History of Fitness Boot Camp

The origins of boot camp reach back as far as genuine military training.  For centuries, soldiers in armies everywhere have been expected to be in good shape with strong endurance.  The term “boot camp” dates back to the Spanish-American War. Military recruits in the United States wore leggings known as “boots,” so their training camp became known as boot camp.  The name stuck. Boot camp as a fitness fad started in the mid-1980s with the release of an audio cassette workout created by a Marine Corps drill instructor but really took off in the late 1990s when gyms began offering fitness boot camp as a class.  Since then, fitness boot camp has become a regular class at gyms all over America and beyond.


A Typical Boot Camp Workout

Boot camp typically begins with a ten-minute warm-up before moving on to a longer session of intense exercise.  Depending on the setup of the class, you may work individually or in pairs or teams. Boot camp may resemble a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style workout, with periods of intense activity separated by brief periods of rest.  Fitness boot camp is modeled after military boot camp, so the exercises are similar: think push-ups, squats, sprints, burpees, and lunges. Fitness boot camps tend to rely more on body weight than dumbbells or other equipment for strength training.  If you are working in pairs or teams, you may compete against other pairs and teams. The instructor may even act like a drill instructor, complete with commands and a whistle!


Benefits of Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness boot camp is a great full body workout that will improve your stamina and tone your muscles.  Interval training has been shown to burn fat and calories effectively, and the specific exercises you will complete target different muscle groups for spot toning.  You will improve your strength and your stamina. In addition to the physical benefits, many people enjoy the boot camp-style workout, and that is a critical factor in its success.  Finding a workout you enjoy is so important because you are more likely to stick with it if you are having fun.


If you are looking for a boot camp workout, check out one of the regularly scheduled fitness boot camp classes at the Fitness Loft Columbus.  Our instructors are ready to drill you into shape!

Jeff May

Winter Fitness: Incorporating Corporate Wellness Into Your Workplace

Winter is a tough time to get in shape and stay there.  Although many people set wellness-related New Year’s resolutions, it can be challenging to exercise and eat right in the dead of winter.  Cold weather and short days make it hard to get outside and get moving, and the low temps make us want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa instead of a crisp, cold salad.  Corporate wellness programs can be a great way to stay motivated during this tough time of year. People who work spend more time at their jobs than anywhere else. If employers offer a corporate wellness program, employees can utilize it as a resource to improve their health.  There are several ways to make corporate health and wellness a key part of your business culture during the winter months and beyond.


Fitness Challenges

A little healthy competition can be a great motivator for improved health and wellness habits.  Many people respond well to the incentive and accountability of a competition. Voluntary competitions allow people who are interested to participate without pressuring people who are not interested.  Competitions can include weight-loss competitions, like a workplace “Biggest Loser” contest, or wellness challenges related to developing healthy habits. For example, competitions could be fitness-related, such as who can log the most steps on a pedometer or miles on the treadmill, or wellness-related, such as drinking 8 cups of water a day or sleeping 7 hours a night.  Offer a fun prize to the winner for a little extra incentive!

Walking Meetings

If possible, schedule meetings for small groups as a walk outside.  This plan is weather dependent, unless your workplace has a lot of hallways for walking.  Most people will appreciate the opportunity to stretch their legs and get away from the computer for a little while.
Midday Breaks: Everyone takes a break for lunch; why not take a break to meditate or exercise?  Make scheduled wellness breaks part of your workday to refresh the brain and the body.  If space permits, offer on-site fitness classes or guided meditation. But if not, even scheduling time for people to take a walk around the block can have great benefits.

On-site Health and Wellness Education

Many people want to learn more about health and wellness but do not have the time outside of work to educate themselves.  Consider bringing in instructors to teach your employees healthy habits and ways to improve their health. These classes can range from healthy cooking techniques to stress management to disease prevention.
Flexible Scheduling or Telecommuting: While not an option at all workplaces, where possible, flexible scheduling or telecommuting can help employees to manage their own health and wellness.  Whether these options give them the time to exercise and attend doctor’s appointments, or whether they just help avoid the stress of rush hour, flexible scheduling can be a boon to employees and employers alike.

Implementing a corporate wellness program can improve employee wellness and benefit your business.  Corporate wellness programs attract good employees and retain them for longer periods of time. Healthy, happy employees tend to be more productive, with lower absentee rates and lower health care costs.   Several studies have shown that every dollar invested in employee wellness saves the company from three to five dollars in healthcare costs--clearly, corporate wellness programs are a worthwhile investment.  If you are thinking about developing a corporate wellness program, consider the Fitness Loft as your corporate wellness provider. We have years of experience with more than 25 local businesses and would love to help you.


Jeff May

Looking For A New Workout: Try Body Pump

The start of the New Year is a great time to start a new fitness routine. Maybe you aren’t in the habit of working out and want to get off the couch and get moving, but aren’t sure where to start.  Or maybe you have a regular workout routine but are feeling a little bored, stuck in a fitness rut. No matter what your current exercise situation is, mixing things up with a new workout is a great way to challenge your body and reignite your fitness passion.  If you are looking for a new workout to try, Les Mills Body Pump is a fantastic full body workout that will help you burn calories and tone your muscles for an all over improved physique.


What Is Les Mills Body Pump?

Les Mills Body Pump is a resistance training workout that utilizes barbells and body weight to challenge your body with a full body workout routine.  According to the group that produces it, Les Mills International, Body Pump is “The original barbell workout that strengthens and tones your entire body.”  Les Mills International pre-choreographs these workouts, meaning that no matter where you take the class, it will be the same workout routine. This consistency is great for people who travel regularly--just find a gym that offers Les Mills Body Pump and you will know what to expect!  The workout follows a routine set to ten tracks, or songs. The workout always follows this progression:

Cool down

The entire workout is set to upbeat music to keep up your enthusiasm.  Body Pump is always taught by a Les Mills-certified instructor who will lead the routine and ensure that everyone is using the weights correctly.  Within each track, you will repeat a set sequence of moves for a total of roughly 800 repetitions. Sounds like a lot, and it is, but it will go by quickly.  Body Pump classes last for 55 minutes unless they are specifically noted as an Express Body Pump class, which can last either 30 or 45 minutes.


What To Expect In A Body Pump Class

Plan to arrive a few minutes early to set up your workout space.  All Body Pump classes use a barbell with weight plates, a bench with risers, and a mat.  If you are new to Body Pump, or weight training in general, talk to the instructor beforehand about what you will need and how much weight you should choose.  You can always change the weight during class if you need more or less of a challenge. If you are new, you can always use just the barbell or even just your body weight.  The constant motion will still provide a great workout. The class will begin with a warmup to get your muscles loose and your blood flowing, then will quickly segue into the ten tracks listed above.  Common movements include deadlifts, deadrows, chest presses, squats, lunges, pushups, and many more. But if weight training is new to you, don’t be intimidated by these terms. The great thing about Body Pump is that an instructor will be leading you the entire time.  If you never learn the names, no problem! Just follow along and you will be fine.


If you are looking for a new, challenging full body workout, look no further than the Body Pump at the Fitness Loft Columbus.  This full body dumbbell workout will have you looking sculpted and toned in no time at all!

Jeff May

5 Ways Archery Workouts Increase Upper Body Strength

This blog entry from the Fitness Loft Columbus describes the benefits of archery for improving upper body strength and the availability of virtual archery workouts at the Fitness Loft. Read More

Jeff May

Considering a Corporate Wellness Program: Here’s Why You Should

If you are a business owner, chances are that you like to think of your business as a nice place to work.  After all, who wants to run a place where no one likes to work? Satisfied employees tend to be more productive and stay with an employer for a longer period of time.  For these reasons, employers look for ways to take good care of their employees, such as attractive benefits packages and generous leave policies. More and more businesses are looking to corporate wellness programs to improve employee health and happiness.


What Is A Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs, sometimes known as corporate health and fitness programs, are programs offered by employers to help their workers adopt and improve healthy behaviors.  These programs encompass a range of offerings that can be customized to a particular employer. Corporate wellness programs may include onsite health screenings, health education seminars, and access to on- or off-site gyms.  Many studies have demonstrated that corporate wellness programs help people change their habits for the better. For example, studies have found that corporate wellness programs have helped workers to:

Increase their time spent exercising
Improve their eating habits through increased fruit and vegetable consumption
Increase total time spent sleeping
Decrease alcohol and cigarette use
Improve blood pressure
Reduce cholesterol levels
Improvement in these areas helps employees to reduce their risk for chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many others.  These programs have had great success in preventing and slowing the progress of chronic disease in many Americans.


How Can A Corporate Wellness Program Help My Business?

By helping employees be their best selves, corporate wellness programs help their business be the best it can be in several measurable ways.  Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or visit a doctor. This improvement translates into lower overall healthcare costs for the business.  In fact, studies have found that for every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs, businesses save over three dollars in healthcare costs. In addition to reduced healthcare costs, corporate wellness programs help businesses by increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.  First, healthier employees are less likely to take time off for illness, therefore reducing absenteeism. But healthier employees are also more productive when they are at work. Studies have found that workers who suffer from a variety of ailments, including depression, back pain, knee pain, and obesity, have lower productivity when they are at work as compared to healthy workers.  In addition to these measurable factors, companies that offer corporate wellness programs attest to an improved corporate culture and morale that is hard to measure but easy to feel. Corporate wellness programs tell employees that they are valued, important members of the team. Everyone likes to feel noticed and appreciated. Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay with their employer.


If you want to make your business the kind of place where people want to work for their entire career, consider adding a corporate wellness program as an added perk for your employees.  No doubt you will quickly see a return on investment.  And if you do, we hope you will consider the Fitness Loft of Columbus as your corporate wellness provider.  We currently partner with more than 25 businesses in the Columbus area and would love the opportunity to help your business reach its healthiest potential.

Jeff May

10 Things You Didn’t Know About HIIT

If you are into fitness--a regular at the gym, reading health magazines, researching new workouts online--then you are probably familiar with HIIT, one of the more popular workouts in recent years.  But if the gym is new to you, you might see “HIIT” on the schedule and think, what the heck is that? Even though it is pronounced “hit,” HIIT has nothing to do with boxing and everything to do with an intense cardio workout.   Whether you are new to the gym or a fitness junkie, here are ten things you didn’t know about HIIT.

What You Might Not Know About Your HIIT Workout

1. It stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.  HIIT is a type of cardiovascular interval training made up of bursts of activity separated by periods of low-intensity exercise or even complete rest.  For example, you might follow one full minute of sprints with 30 seconds of walking, then repeat that sequence four times before a complete rest break of one minute.  

2. There is no one set HIIT workout.  Your instructor will probably vary the workout from week to week, so you don’t need to worry about getting bored.  One week might feature old-school moves like football drills and jumping jacks, and the next might involve kettlebells and burpees.  The premise stays the same but the moves change, keeping you on your toes and in your best shape.

3. You don’t need a gym for HIIT.  While many people like the motivation that an instructor-led class provides, it is not a requirement.  If you are on vacation or just can’t get to the gym, you can improvise your own HIIT cardio workout. Think wind sprints, jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers--all you need is a stopwatch and yourself.

4. You don’t need a lot of time.  Interval training packs a big punch into a small timespan, so you can build muscle and burn calories even if you are tight on time.  Some research even suggests that 15 minutes of HIIT three times a week can be as effective as running on the treadmill for an hour. So when you are swamped with work and family obligations, HIIT is a great choice so that you get the most bang for your buck.

5. You’ll improve your aerobic capacity.  HIIT workouts improve heart function and endurance.  For example, one study demonstrated that after 8 weeks of HIIT training subjects could bicycle for twice as long as before.

6. It’s fat burning.  HIIT is great for losing fat while building muscle for overall weight loss and improved tone.

7. It boosts your metabolism.  Even a quick HIIT session puts your body into calorie burning mode for another 24 hours.

8. It’s one-size-fits-all.  There are always modifications to any routine, so you can customize HIIT to your own abilities.  Bad knees? When everyone else jumps, walk in place. You can move at your own pace even in a class of mixed skill sets.

9. It can cure disease.  Well, “cure” might be a strong word, but studies have found that HIIT helps people with chronic cardiovascular or metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, coronary artery disease, or metabolic syndrome.

10. It’s hard, and that’s what makes it awesome.  Even workout junkies will find HIIT challenging.  The intensity of the intervals provides a challenge for everyone, so you will never get sick of HIIT.

HIIT Cardio + HIIT Training 

No matter the movements, HIIT provides an intense cardio workout in a short period of time.  It builds endurance and muscle while burning fat, and offers enough flexibility to offer something for everyone.  If that appeals to you, try out a HIIT workout at the Fitness Loft of Columbus.

Jeff May

What Is Corporate Wellness?


Workers today tend to be more transient than they were in decades past.  Employees used to stay with the same outfit for an entire career, but that is becoming increasingly uncommon.  Many employers are looking for ways to attract and retain the best employees and keep them as productive as possible.  Because happy and healthy people tend to be the most productive, many employers look for ways to keep their employees as healthy as possible, both mentally and physically.  Traditionally this may have included a generous compensation package that provides vacation time, sick time, and comprehensive health insurance.

Currently, employers are increasingly providing corporate wellness programs to improve the holistic health of their employees.  The Fitness Loft of Columbus works with many employers to offer corporate health and fitness programs specifically geared to the needs of their workers.


Corporate wellness describes a variety of programs aimed at improving the holistic health of the employees of a business.  Corporate wellness programs are generally aimed at reducing stress, improving overall health, and preventing disease and chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.  Such programs may include screenings, health education, and fitness training opportunities. At the Fitness Loft of Columbus, we can tailor our offerings to the needs of your particular organization.  Specific programs we offer include:

Nutritional education and coaching: Our staff includes a registered dietitian who can teach nutritional seminars or provide individual counseling.

Group fitness classes: We offer over 40 classes each week, at a variety of times.  The key to success is finding a workout you enjoy, and with this variety, there is something for everyone!

Equipment: For those who are not interested in group classes, our facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym.  Users can choose from a variety of choices such as the treadmill or elliptical trainer. All of our equipment works with our wireless software application, The Wellness System, to track each individual’s progress over time.

Personal training: Our staff includes several personal trainers ready to help individuals to set and achieve realistic fitness goals.  The accountability of a personal trainer is a great incentive to stick with a fitness regimen. Our trainers assess each person so that the routine and goals are appropriate and achievable.
Personal health coaching: Our Precision Nutrition Certified Health Coach is available to work one-on-one with clients to go beyond nutritional education.  A health coach can help with emotional eating, fitness goals, and other stepping stones on the path to overall wellness.

How Can Corporate Wellness Benefit Your Business?

A corporate wellness program is one way to help your business attract and retain the best employees.  It is an added perk that makes your organization stand out as one that cares about its workers. In addition, corporate wellness programs to increase overall productivity and reduce total healthcare costs.  Healthy and happy employees tend to take less time off, both because they have better physical health and because they avoid psychological burnout. Corporate wellness programs are truly a win-win for both the employer and the employee.  


If your organization is thinking about integrating corporate wellness into its employee benefits package, consider utilizing the Fitness Loft of Columbus as your corporate wellness provider.  We already partner with more than 25 local business and look forward to making an even greater impact in the Columbus area.  Our mission is to be so much more than a gym. We want to help people to integrate the mind, body, and community to improve holistic health.  Reach out to us today. Working together, we can create a corporate wellness program customized for your business.

Jeff May

Holiday Zumba: Combining Exercise With Holiday Cheer

Tis the season to put on the pounds--or is it?  Holiday weight gain may feel inevitable, but it does not have to be.  The holiday season presents so many opportunities to overeat. Between bake sales, office holiday parties, celebrations with friends and family, and the actual holiday feasts, we are constantly presented with delicious and decadent food during the holidays.  While it’s easy to throw in the towel and indulge until the New Year, adding in a few extra workouts is one way to enjoy yourself while avoiding holiday weight gain. In fact, the holiday season can be a great time to try out a new workout. You may have some time off anyway, and many gyms offer special holiday-themed classes that can be that much more fun.  If you have been curious to try out Zumba, holiday Zumba classes might be a great trial run. If you are Zumba regular, holiday Zumba is a fun twist on your typical workout.


What Is Zumba?

Chances are you have heard about Zumba, but you may not be exactly sure what it is.  Zumba has taken off in popularity in recent years, so you have probably seen a sign for it somewhere or know someone who swears by Zumba as their workout of choice.  Zumba is a fun, dance-based workout that provides cardiovascular training in addition to muscle toning. Zumba has its roots in Latin dances such as the Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mumbo, Flamenco, and Rumba.  Zumba instructors design fun, upbeat dances that will have you burning calories while having a blast. The dance moves get your heart rate up for a great cardio workout. Your instructor may add in free weights, lunges, or other toning exercises designed to spot tone your muscles.  In general, the instructors will use visual cues to indicate the dance routine, but don’t be afraid to ask a question. The staff want you to get the most out of your workout, every time.


What Is Holiday Zumba?

Holiday Zumba is just what it sounds like: a Zumba class with a holiday theme!  Just a little twist to add some flavor to an already fun workout. Holiday Zumba classes right now might have a Christmas theme or a New Year’s Theme--think Christmas songs and holiday attire!  Your Zumba instructors will definitely come decked out in flashy leggings and Santa hats for Christmas, or maybe a gold and white Champagne theme for New Year’s. Feel free to wear your own holiday workout gear.  Holiday Zumba has a light and festive mood that is welcoming for newcomers and regulars alike.


Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is a truly all-encompassing workout.  Benefits include cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning, strength training, and improved balance and flexibility.  Zumba is a great workout no matter what your current fitness level is. You can take it slow if it’s been a while since you hit the gym or you can push yourself for a more demanding workout.  Zuma is as challenging as you want it to be.


If you’ve been searching for “Zumba classes near me,” look no further than Holiday Zumba at the Fitness Loft of Columbus.  Our instructors will have on their flashiest leggings and their brightest smiles, and would love for you to join them! So whether you are a Zumba junkie or new to Zumba, swing by the Fitness Loft for a fun but challenging class to keep those holiday pounds at bay.

Jeff May

How Can You Benefit from Plyometrics?

In recent years, plyometrics have become popular among professional athletes, long jumpers, high jumpers, basketballers, and the likes. These exercises are a fun alternative to everyday strength-training workouts and boosts muscle power, agility, balance, and strength. Although they are popular among sports professionals, they can benefit virtually anyone who wishes to build explosive power. Here are incredible benefits of a plyometric workout.

Minimal Equipment     

One of the biggest turnoffs for anyone looking to get in shape is the amount of equipment needed. Not only are the machines expensive to acquire, but require a lot of learning to use them optimally. That is much enough to keep a less-motivated beginner trainee from achieving their fitness goals. Luckily, plyometrics is bodyweight-oriented. They require no weight or equipment, making them suitable for home, office or while on the move.

Burns Calories

Sure, running and other aerobic exercises will burn calories, but, the process will speed up as your strength and endurance increase. That’s why plyometrics is an excellent workout program that anyone can use to incinerate fat fast. The best thing is that you not only burn calories within a short period but also get your body in shape from head to toe. Due to their intensity, plyometric exercises have a relatively higher potential for injury. That means plyos may not be your best option especially if you’re a beginner or seriously overweight. That’s why you need to first build a proper foundation before jumping into a plyometric routine. Tuck jumps are some of the highest calorie burning plyo exercises.

Increased Power Endurance

There is no refuting that plyometric exercises are best for improving muscle power. Perhaps this is because they combine the recovery time between the high-intensity workouts. Scientifically, combining rest periods helps you to push yourself to the maximum while, psychologically, it compels you to push harder knowing that you’ll get a rest. As a result, the body gets used to producing maximum force while spending less energy in the smallest time possible; this helps to increase the longevity of quality performance. Forward two-foot box jumps, speed-skater ladders, and battle ropes are some of the plyometrics routines for increasing power endurance.

Build Stronger Bones

Most people don’t prioritize bone health. Unfortunately, osteoporosis is a serious health concern that affects more than 200 million people around the world, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Good news is that resistance training can help prevent loss of bone mineral density.  Plyo exercises such as skipping and hopping on alternate legs do a better job boosting bone density compared to walking. Better still, jumping backward, forward or side to side can do magic – bones love to be surprised.

Enhanced Strength and Speed

Want more sprint speed, better rotational power, more hang time and greater stopping ability? No worries, the plyometric workout is all you need. Unlike other dynamic effort methods, plyometrics put more emphasis on the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) at the start of each rep. That means your muscles can stretch and contract rapidly, and even contract faster when enough force is applied to the stretching function. That way, they teach your muscles and tendons to act to act as springs, giving you more swiftness. Hops, jumps, throws, bounds, and clapping push-ups are some of the most effective plyo workouts to add some “go” to your “show.”

Book Plyometric Classes at Fitness Loft

Whether you’re are a sports professional looking to increase muscle, speed, endurance or just want to add plyometrics to your training, Fitness Loft is your place. Our experienced coaches have the expertise to help you accomplish you’re your fitness goals.