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Virtual Reality Fitness is for LOSERS (of fat, that is)

If you ever wanted to try VR Fitness, this is the perfect time. I lost body fat, gained stamina, and got out of my fitness funk. Don't take my word for it--give it a shot! Read More

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RPM vs Spinning Classes: What You Need to Know

Les Mills RPM is a high intensity cardio cycling workout and experience. RPM classes offered through the Fitness Loft Columbus. Read More

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Can Yoga be a Cardio Workout?

While cardio is more aerobic, deep release yoga is all about stretching and strengthing. Workouts vary but they can be incorporated with cardio as a warm up or cool down addition to yoga. Read More

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Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training


Has this situation ever happened to you? You sit down at your office desk ready to knock out some work when you keep getting distracted by other people. You answer question after question until you are blue in the face. You go to start your work, and you see that a couple of hours have passed. This situation has probably happened to you at some point. You finally get in the zone, ready to knock out some projects. In just an hour, you’ve accomplished what would usually take you a whole day. When you focus on a task and minimize distractions, you get into a state of flow. This is exactly what a high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT workout is all about. Focus on a task, remove distractions, do your absolute best at it and see amazing results in no time. This article will explore some critical benefits of high-intensity interval training, what workout equipment you need, and how you can get started.


Benefits of High-intensity Interval Training


Perhaps the most significant benefit of high-intensity interval training is how quickly you can burn off calories in just a small amount of time. You may find yourself running on a treadmill, and continually checking the machine to see how many calories you burned. It’s kind of sad how long it takes to burn off 200 calories on a treadmill when you compare it to how quickly you can consume 200 calories worth of cookies in just a few minutes. The calorie burning benefits are what makes a high-intensity interval training more beneficial than other types of workouts. Studies have shown that a HIIT workout on average burns about 30% more calories than other forms of exercise such as running on a treadmill.


Another benefit of high-intensity interval training is that you burn calories even AFTER your workout is finished. Your metabolism is the process in which your body burns calories into energy and as a result, you burn off fat. Your metabolic rate is how many calories you burn off in a certain amount of time. Studies have shown that your metabolic rate is much higher after a HIIT worker than other types of workouts.


One of the more surprising benefits of high-intensity interval training is that you can build muscle. As a result of the calorie and fat burning aspects of the HIIT workouts, whichever muscles are used the most in the exercise will slowly build up over time and become more substantial. Although it isn’t as effective as traditional weight training, those who are new to working out will see some added muscle mass.  


What Workout Equipment do I Need?


There are many different variations of a high-intensity interval training workout, and each requires a particular type of equipment or sometimes none at all. Some common types of machines needed are the stationary bike, jump rope, a box for a box jump, as well as a few other pieces of equipment that can aid your HIIT workout. For other exercises such as jogging or sprints, no machinery is needed unless you prefer to run on a treadmill.


How do I Get Started?


Instead of figuring out how to build a weekly workout plan yourself, you can take a class at Fitness Loft Columbus or partner with a personal trainer here. Figuring out which equipment to use and how to use it properly to stay on track is time-consuming. Fitness experts at Fitness Loft Columbus do all of that work for you, so you can focus on getting in an excellent high-intensity interval training workout and get the results you are wanting.

Jeff May

Do Cardio and Strength Training Actually Compliment Each Other?

Working out can be intimidating, stressful and possibly confusing. At the same time, working out can be rewarding, inspiring, and get you the results you are looking for in your body and mind. Results depend on how you perform during a workout and if the exercises are optimized towards your goals. Whether you’re new to working out, or having been working out for a while and not getting the results you want, there is a training program out there for everyone.



What is Cardio?


Some people have a perception that cardio consists of only running or jogging, this is not correct. Cardio is any exercise or activity that increases your heart rate. Just like your biceps, your heart is a muscle, and it gets stronger the more it gets worked. Some examples of cardio exercises are walking, the elliptical machine, stair climber, jump rope, running, swimming and many others. When engaging in a cardio workout, it is important to keep your heart rate up to receive all of the calorie burning benefits. Everyone’s target heart rate is different because it depends on factors such as weight and height. There are ways that you can calculate what your target heart rate is online.


What is Strength Training?


Just like with cardio, some people have a skewed perception of what strength training is. Some people think strength training is working to get huge muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other person with huge muscles you see at the gym. This is not the case. Strength training is at the center of any great fitness routine. Strength is the ability to exert force. By lifting weights, you are improving how much force you can exert over time. Without strong muscles, our bodies rely on our skeletal system to do the lifting which can be damaging. Strength training builds and teaches the body to get its strength from your muscles and not on your skeletal system. Strength training can help develop big muscles if you want, but it's mainly for getting toned.


Do Cardio and Strength Training Actually Compliment Each Other?


Some people that are looking to lose weight and focus entirely on cardio exercises think that strength training is counter-intuitive to losing weight. Similarly, some people that want to gain muscle mass believe that devoting time on cardio won’t help them reach their goals. Believe it or not, cardio and strength training can complement each other. Cardio will help you build up your heart rate, making it stronger to withstand a more heavy workout. Also, strength training helps you burn calories and keeps the weight off.


FAQ With The Fitness Loft Trainers: Cardio vs Strength

Our trainers answers some questions about strength and cardio workouts: 


1. What is the best balance of strength to cardio?


This depends fitness level, etc. Weight training can be more than enough to make up for skipping traditional cardio. It can maintain and, in some cases, increase V02 (maximal volume of oxygen that the body can deliver to the working muscles per minute). It also increases metabolism for longer than cardio. There really is no need to do tons of long duration cardio, if it isn’t directly tied into your performance goal.


Another option is 3-5 days a week of moderate intensity(40% to 60% of Heart Rate Reserve) for cardio. For strength, the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM] wants 2-3 days of strength training doing 8-10 major muscle group exercises each time at 60-80% of their 1RM (repetition maximum).


2. Do you have a preferred method regarding this? 


Weight train 3-4 times a week, while trying to keep a steady heart rate throughout the session. For cardio, it’s pretty much high intensity intervals and then one, long recovery interval during the week.


Another one of our trainers prefers breaking it up and doing two different workouts. One workout is cardio and the other is strength. This gives time for the body and the brain to recover. They will do 4 days a week of 2 workouts and then take 3 days off. If there isn’t time to do both, do the one that has the greatest priority. For example, if you are training for a race then prioritize cardio. 


3. Is there a such thing as too much cardio?


There can be if it’s contradictory to your goal. If you want to lose fat and add some muscle, you will have a hard time doing that if you’re still doing a ton of traditional cardio. Otherwise, it’s not that it can be too much cardio, but too much of the wrong cardio. Vary the intensities and durations of your cardio, otherwise you could be heading down a path to perceived failure or injury.


Another one of our trainers says: Yes! If you start to notice things like injuries arise, feeling too tired throughout the day, no longer seeing progress, trouble sleeping, or getting sick more often. Rest days are just as important as training days. 


4. Anything else you want to add? 


Cardio is not the only way to lose weight. It’s a part of it, but that part depends on your fitness level, experience, goals. Cardio shouldn’t be a straight line, it should be varied in both duration and intensity. 


If you do do cardio, try to make your cardio sessions fun like participating in a recreational sport.


Mixing Cardio and Strength Training Workouts


Your workout and other fitness related goals will shape how you mix cardio and strength training into your workout. Everyone’s goals are different and how much or how little strength training or cardio depends on that goal. If your goal is to gain muscle your workout routine will look different than that of somebody else whose goal is to lose weight. Define your goals and be specific about what you want.


A typical workout schedule for someone that wants to build muscle is lifting at least three times a week, with two cardio workouts on your rest day. You don’t want to overwork yourself, so it's best to have cardio and strength training on separate days. A typical workout schedule for someone that wants to lose weight is doing a cardio workout three times a week and two strength training workouts on your off days. These workouts can be personalized to your individual goals and are just an example of what is possible.



Jeff May

BodyPump 101: Shaping, Toning & Strength Training

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5 Things You Should Know Before Trying the Bootcamp Workout

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Virtual Archery: Working Your Ninja Mind and Body

Katniss Everdeen. Hawkeye. Legolas. Green Arrow. All of these characters are fictional. For what it’s worth, they are also very cool. But they all have one other thing in common- they’re all archers. Archery, or the practice of shooting an arrow with a bow, is a skill that has changed in the public mind in the last several years. What was once a skill historically used for hunting or military conflict, has become a popular part of our athletics, competitions, and fictional superheroes. Archery is a workout, and its a tough one. That may be just what you’re looking for. If you search archery Columbus Ohio, you’ll find Fitness Loft’s Virtual Ninja Archery class. Our class is the perfect place to work not only your ninja mind but your body as well.  

Archery Columbus Ohio 

Below are some reasons we recommend taking one of our archery classes:

  • Coordination: There are a lot of gyms in Columbus, but not all of them offer Virtual Ninja Archery. With this workout, you’ll be able to improve many aspects of your overall wellness. Not least of which is your coordination. It takes a lot of coordination to be able to move around a space while grabbing an arrow, pulling your bow, and loosing the arrow towards your target. With our class, you’ll be able to work this skill over and over.
  • Strength: Think about Green Arrow real quick. That guy is in shape! More accurately that guy is in insane shape! Getting a proper draw on a bow is tough stuff. You have to be able to engage your core, arms, hands, chest, and shoulders just to loose an arrow at your target. On top of that, you have to have hand and finger flexibility. The act of moving around a space and drawing multiple arrows and loosing them at your targets requires an incredible amount of strength.
  • Patience: The trick to any workout situation is patience. You have to remember that results aren’t overnight. Metaphorically, physical fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. You also have to have patience in order to increase your precision. Precision and patience go hand in hand and you’ll need plenty of both to practice archery.
  • Socialize: Like many gym activities, there are times where you’re able to meet people and make some new friends. Archers come from all ages so the chances of making friends are higher than certain sports that only work for certain age groups.  
  • Focus & Confidence: In order to hit your target, you have to be able to tune out everything around you. Now let’s say you’re surrounded by virtual targets and you have to cross long distances. That kind of exercise requires a larger amount of focus and confidence than most other exercises programs. Archery Columbus Ohio and focus may not seem like they inherently go together, but they do. Our classes teach you to focus on your target. They also help you gain the confidence to connect with your target in tough situations. With our classes, you can get a great workout and increase your focus and confidence!

Fitness Loft Columbus

After doing a search for archery classes Columbus Ohio, talk to the team at Fitness Loft today! Our Virtual Ninja Archery classes are the perfect workout to help you get in shape and have fun.

Jeff May

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