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For decades, indoor cycling has been a favorite low-impact, high-intensity option for millions of fitness enthusiasts and fitness newbies. Stationary bikes have been around in some form or another for over a century, but only in recent decades have indoor cycling classes gained the notoriety and popularity we see today. If you’re local, you know that for cycling classes Columbus Ohio can seem like an incredibly popular town, but at The Fitness Loft, we have some of the best teachers in town and a state-of-the-art cycling studio that’s just one part of a larger, supportive and inspiring wellness ecosystem.


Benefits of Cycling


Cycling has long been recognized by the fitness community as the best exercise method for its combination of heart-pumping intensity and lack of damaging impact to joints. By constantly rotating the knees, ankles and hips instead of jarring them up and down, cycling keeps both large muscles and smaller stabilizers in constant motion, which is both safer and more effective at building strength over time.


Cycling also is an incredible cardiovascular workout. Extended periods of cycling can offer even better cardio training than comparable amounts of time spent running, and since there’s less damage to joints and bones, your recovery is quicker and more effective than with jogging. Building muscular endurance while keeping your joints safe should be a priority of everyone looking to get fit. Cycling is also a great option for people advancing in years! Many of our retirement age members are in the loft hours and hours every week to attend our indoor cycling classes.


How is Indoor Cycling Different?


So, you know that cycling is good for you. You’re interested in getting on the bike more. But why not just hop on the old 1980’s Raleigh that you’ve had sitting in the garage and take a whirl around town?


Well, we would never tell anyone not to ride outside. Outdoor cycling can be one of the most fun activities and, on a beautiful fall day, can beat anything at any of the great gyms in Columbus Ohio. However, there are real differences to indoor cycling and reasons that indoor cycling should be an integral part of your routine.


Cycling Classes Columbus Ohio


Indoor cycling is performed on a stationary bike with a weighted flywheel and adjustable tension. Since you’re working with a weighted flywheel and not a free-spinning gear cartridge like an outdoor bicycle, you can’t coast as if you were flying down a hill. You’ve got to keep pumping your feet. You can adjust the friction on the front wheel, but it’s still not a break. You’ve got to keep your feet moving the entire time.


But what makes indoor cycling so appealing to most people is the supportive, intensely connective element of an instructor-led cycling ride. A good teacher can turn what would seem on the surface to be a boring hour of pedaling into an inspiring group experience that creates friends for life.


Gyms in Columbus Ohio


Many of the gyms in Columbus Ohio have stationary bikes. There are also free-standing spinning studios, but neither one offers what we have here at The Fitness Loft. We offer the best instructors and the most fulfilling, fun indoor cycling classes combined with the breadth of services that a full-scale gym community offers. If you’re an avid spinner, training for a race, or just looking to add a cardio element to an existing training plan, we’ve got what you need. For more info, loft hours, and to book your first session, sign up online or come in and say hi!



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